What do you enjoy most about work?

I love interacting with my students every day. I teach kindergarten and primary school students and I’m constantly surprised by their creativity and joy in little things.

What is a challenge or difficulty you face at work?

Since most students that come to my centre are from pretty wealthy families and elite schools, I struggle with finding meaning in my work sometimes. I wonder if I’m actually teaching students that really need help or if I’m just making Hong Kong more elitist.

How do you see that the Gospel is or could be transforming your sphere, industry or workplace?

The education industry in Hong Kong is really competitive. Parents want their children to get into the best schools, score the highest marks and there’s this mindset of needing to be better than other people. I hope that the Gospel can give everyone related to this sphere – teachers, parents, students – a new perspective. Instead of chasing grades and good schools, the Gospel tells us that our worth is rooted in Jesus Christ and Him alone.

How do you think you or others in your field can shine the light of Christ in your sphere?

My centre is partnering with some churches in Hong Kong to tutor students from grassroot families. The aim is to increase social mobility and ensure that every student has a chance to achieve their dreams. Even though I’m not the one teaching the students, I contribute through making the teaching material. Through my work, I want to bring Christ’s love and hope to all students in Hong Kong. Even though they may not come from the best families, I hope the students know they matter and that people care about them.

What is one piece of advice you would give to those that will enter the workplace in the future?

When you start working, you need to make an extra effort to stay rooted in Christ. Self-sufficiency, people pleasing, competition, pride are things that you will struggle with frequently.