What do you enjoy most about work?

My boss, and the few lovely people I get to do work with

What is a challenge or difficulty you face at work?

The people too. As much as I love working with people, some don’t feel the same way and would rather choose to do work by themselves. Primarily stemming from the huge age gap.

How do you see that the Gospel is or could be transforming your sphere, industry or workplace?

I think it’s been a challenging year for the bank and the people working in it. It’s been challenging to become “your true self” at work, because people don’t seem to be willing to go beyond the professional relationship into one that is personal and relational. I believe God is slowly changing my workplace so that the workplace can be safe space for each individual to thrive.

How do you think you or others in your field can shine the light of Christ in your sphere?

I think instead of complaining about the change, being really convicted to bring and educate that change

What is one piece of advice you would give to those that will enter the workplace in the future?

Don’t be too hard on yourself, trust the process 🙂