What do you enjoy most about work?

Interacting with patients (mostly grannies and grandpas) and seeing them improve.

What is a challenge or difficulty you face at work?

There are so many patients (HK is so densely populated) and it is always a fight for resources.

How do you see that the Gospel is or could be transforming your sphere, industry or workplace?

Changing the workplace into a more enjoyable place, both for staff and patients.

How do you think you or others in your field can shine the light of Christ in your sphere?

Displaying a different attitude compared to the norm.

What is one piece of advice you would give to those that will enter the workplace in the future?

Go into something you are passionate about, but whatever it is, it will get boring or frustrating at one point or another. So always ask for God’s grace and depend on the Holy Spirit for strength!!