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The Transformasphere Movement was birthed by members at Harvest Mission Community Church who have a passion to see each of the major spheres of society and culture – Commerce, Healthcare, Arts, Media and Entertainment, Religious Institutions, Government and Politics, Education, and Domestic Issues (CHARGED) – transformed by the Gospel message.

The word “transformasphere”, broken down into its parts, means to “transform-a-sphere.” We believe that God calls his people to shine the radiance of Christ into the world, in all its areas, bringing restoration and value to communities in both word and deed. It is our hope that this generation will answer the call to make a worldwide difference for Jesus Christ.


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Back in the early 2000’s, I remember participating in a college conference, as one of the guest speakers and seeing a thousand students from all different universities who had so much potential to transform the world. Many of them were going to be future professionals in various sectors of society. Instead of seeing them as just students, I saw an army of Kingdom workers, who would engage society with the Gospel message and eventually, transform the world.

God has called every Christ-follower to be the “salt and light of the world” (Mt 5:13-14). Jesus said, “let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” (Mt 5:16). Can you imagine that through our good works, people will give glory to God? We can use our education, experiences, talents, and skills to see the flourishing of people, communities, and cities.

As we seek the common good in every sphere of society, we will be able to make an impact for God’s Kingdom. I believe there will be many conversations about the hope that we have in Jesus Christ (1 Pe 3:15), as we allow Him to shine brightly through us (Php 2:15).

Come join us on the journey of seeing the various spheres of society transformed with the hope of the Gospel.

– Pastor Seth S. Kim


The Transformasphere Movement is about seeing each of the major spheres within society and culture – Commerce, Healthcare, Arts, Media and Entertainment, Religious Institutions, Government and Politics, Education, and Domestic Issues (CHARGED) – transformed by the Gospel message


The business world’s products and services are integrally involved in our everyday lives. We hope to see the Christian business community work together to co-create innovative business and strategic approaches to not only bring value to communities through product and service offerings, but also to address some of the greatest problems of today in global development.


The world is experiencing a global health crisis where millions of people die all over the world because of diseases that are preventable or treatable. Christian health professional have the opportunity to express the love and care of Christ in a tangible manner to the world, bringing access to appropriate healthcare treatment and educating people on global health needs.

Arts, Media & Entertainment

There was a time in history where some of the greatest music and art came from the Church, from people who had a high view of God. Christian artists can use their creative talents to develop works and pieces in various outlets and media to reflect the excellence and greatness of God to the world.

Religious Institutions

If the Church is indeed the hope of the world, it is critical that those watching over it are properly trained and equipped to lead it. We hope that pastors and leaders within the Church will be able to lead effectively to shine the light of Christ to the community and the world.

Government & Politics

Government laws, policies, and programs influence the lives of millions with countries and cities. Unfortunately, in many cases around the world, there are abuses of power and widespread corruption. We hope that Christian legal and governmental professionals will use their influence to administer justice in a world where many are without advocates.


Many of the global social problems are related to a lack of appropriate education. Issues such as poor or underfunded programs in inner cities, educational policy breakdowns, and a lack of educational access all contribute to these problems. Christian educators can find ways to impact the lives of many by addressing and finding solutions to these causes leading to poor education.

Domestic Issues

The family is a critical component to the social makeup of any community. We hope to redeem the family institution by teaching biblical truths on subjects such as parenting, marriage, and biblical roles. God centered families are an incredible witness of the love of Christ to a world in much need.